Tuesday, 7 December 2010

What is GWaD?

GWaD stands for Gold, War and Donkeys. It is the title for a webcomic in progress. There is no site with the pages of it yet, but will happen sometime next year. For now, everything related with GWaD - illustrations, page previews, sketches and concepts - will be posted on this blog.

Gold, War and Donkeys is a pre-medieval like story about a mercenary wannabe known as Fail - his real name is something that he doesn't wish people to know - that tries really hard to gain some fame and recognition. He has skills but fails to apply them decently.

He will get himself involved in an adventure, a mission that a powerful and not human being, trusted him with. Accompaining him are his human and animal friends - Alanda, a young girl that has a girly crush on Fail and is a bit of a tom-boy, Rio, an old half deaf man that believes he can summon lightning, Rita, a small yet very strong donkey and Gralha, a talking crow. In the future, a mad engineer known as Farelo will join him.

I will do my best to keep this blog updated. At least once a week. Feel free to leave comments and opinions. Enjoy ;)

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